Mission - Vision - Purpose


To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another in Hood County.



United Way of Hood County seeks to improve the quality of life, by connecting resources to identify and meet local community needs.



1.  UWHC's focus is to identify and facilitate resolution of pressing local community needs.

2.  As a member of a worldwide network, and utilizing this relationship to leverage other valuable opportunities, UWHC is the trusted community-level leader, recognized for stewardship of funds used for the good of the whole community.

3.  Makes measurable change, as the community "convener", partnering with schools, government agencies, organizations, the faith community, volunteer and civic groups, and others to be a part of local solutions.

4.  UWHC strives to make other non-profits more successful by sustaining existing needs or developing new programs based on the community needs assessments, through resource support, information, education, organization, and campaign allocations.