Partner Agencies

A collective vision of building bridges to address the root causes of challenges, alongside our partners excelling in immediate rescue efforts. While valuing their vital role, we aim to create a future where rescue needs diminish. Your support empowers our community and offers partners ways to use resources wisely, preventing immediate rescue and fostering long-term benefits. This is not a journey taken alone. It’s a path forged together, where every step counts, every commitment matters. It’s about becoming a member, making an investment, and being part of the change that Hood County needs.

Mission:  To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another in Hood County.

Vision:  United Way of Hood County seeks to improve the quality of life, by connecting resources to identify and meet local community needs.

Need Help Today?

Don’t hesitate – if you need support today, we’re just a click or a call away. Reach out to us, and let’s navigate this journey together. Your well-being matters, and together, we can make a difference.