We’re thrilled to announce the very first United We Serve Volunteer Day for the United Way of Hood County! 🤝🌈✨ This is our chance to come together as a community and make a real difference. We want everyone to feel welcome and know that there are opportunities for all who wish to serve. So mark your calendars and get ready for an amazing day of giving back!
On this special service day, we’ll be tackling a major project that will have a huge impact on the United Way’s operations. We’ll be clearing out two storage rooms and combining them into one efficient space 💪🔧. This includes prepping the new location, taking apart furniture (just a little bit!), loading storage spaces onto trucks, and unloading them into the shiny new space 🚚💼.
By joining us, you’ll not only be part of an incredible team effort but also help generate an economic impact of over $5,000 every year for United Way. Imagine how far-reaching those benefits will be! Together, we can create positive change in our community.  Let’s make a difference together! ❤️💙
If you have a trailer, dolly, or cordless drill you are willing to bring please contact Crystal Moore at 817-888-2551.