Hosted by United Way of Hood County

The United Way of Hood County hosted an eye-opening event called “Walk The Line,” an immersive Poverty Simulation designed to highlight the daily struggles faced by individuals living at or below the poverty line. This experience brought together community members, leaders, and volunteers, offering a powerful glimpse into the realities of poverty.

Before suggesting this event at a board meeting, I had never encountered anything like it. Granbury is known for its numerous events, fundraisers, and non-profits dedicated to supporting those in need. However, as our economy changes, the number of individuals and families requiring assistance continues to grow. Understanding the available resources and how to effectively help those in need is more important than ever.

The Lake Granbury Conference Center buzzed with activity as our community partners gathered to participate in the Poverty Simulation. Upon arrival, each participant was assigned a new identity, possibly a new family, and a unique set of circumstances. We were then given a brief amount of time to develop a plan to survive for a month.

I was transformed into Diana Duntly, a 14-year-old girl who chose to support her family over attending school. Together with my new family, we navigated the challenges of finding jobs, paying utilities, and securing food. These scenarios mirrored real-world situations and struck close to home for many of us.

This impactful experience was made possible by our generous sponsor, Marathon Digital Holdings. Their support allowed us to create a realistic simulation that not only educated but also fostered a sense of pride and solidarity within our community.

The Poverty Simulation was an incredible experience, highlighting the resilience and resourcefulness of those facing economic hardships. It reinforced the importance of community support and showcased United Way of Hood County’s dedication to addressing the needs of our residents.

We left the event with a renewed commitment to helping our neighbors and a deeper understanding of the challenges they face daily. There’s always room for growth and improvement, and I’m proud that United Way of Hood County is leading the way in fostering a compassionate and supportive community.